Feline Health Month: Fat Cats Finish Last

Most overweight cats don’t get that way overnight. Yes, we help them reach higher and higher numbers on the scale.As a pet owner myself we have to be more diligent about our cats and their ideal weight.As most of you know my own cat, Mango was in ” The Fat Cat Club”. However, because I see the results of feline obesity from a medical perspective and I love my cat as much as any of you,I had to do something! Yes, she got a measured amount of food as I tell everyone to do. However, her waist started to widen as she consistently meowed for “more food in the bowl, please”. Overweight cats have an increased risk of Diabetes Mellitus, Blocked Bladder Syndrome and increased painĀ from osteoarthritis to name a few problems.So, what do we do to help our cats shed the extra pounds? At Just For Pets Animal Clinic we have the Pet Fit Club if you need some personalized help . However, the best results are with a reduced calorie prescription cat food. Please do not start reducing the quantity of food without the advise of a veterinarian. Healthy weight loss is about 1-2 lbs each month. If your cat is losing weight faster than that you may have a sick cat.Your cat may also need some stimulating toys to get moving. Just like us cats can be under stimulated couch potatoes. All you may need is a new cat toy or cat laser to get your cat moving.My cat Mango has lost the extra pounds simply by starting on a restricted calorie food. She is leaner, faster and happier! We all want our cats to live longer , healthier lives and be pain free. I would love to meet your 18 year old cat knowing that you helped your cat get to their ideal weight the healthy way!