To all cat lovers…..

Cats make us slow down and enjoy life. Cats keep our laps warm when it’s cold outside. They purr when they are happy they even lick us(my cat) when they really love us!

Why does my pet need an Annual Exam?

Have you ever asked your vet that question? Do you ever say, ” I just want him to have his shots , nothing else.” Our job as veterinarians is to help your pet live the longest , healthiest life possible.  I answer questions like………  ” are those cataracts? why are my dogs ears so itchy? why does my dog clear his throat all the time? why does my dog have gas? and many more questions that have simple answers. Most of these answers can be given during a physical examination. At our clinic we don’t mind the questions. We will take the time to answer all your questions. Our pets age so much faster than us and their time with us is precious. So go ahead, schedule that annual exam and if you pet is over 7 years old schedule an exam every 6 months. Early det

ection, diagnosis and treatment is everything !

Your pet is the most important part of your well being.

Pets inspire us ,transform us, heal us and teach how to love unconditionally. Why not  take care of the most important gift we could ever have in our pet.